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Estate Planning In Marion, NC

Helping with Wills, Trusts, Lady Bird Deeds, Powers of Attorney, Elder Law, Probate and Estate Administration

Estate planning in Marion, NC can be a long journey. To review a variety of documents that may seem dull and boring to some, but which could save many thousands of dollars to your family, look at the Will and Trust Planner. You can also contact us to set up an appointment with a health care attorney or an underwriter to go through these documents with you.  

Special Needs Trusts: Can be set up by parents or grandparents for disabled persons between age 1 and age 65. This kind of Trust can own property and receive inheritances for the disabled person without destroying his or her eligibility to receive Medicaid and other benefits.

Last Will and Testament: For anyone 18 years of age and older.

Revocable Living Trust: For anyone 18 years of age and older. This kind of trust can do many things that a traditional Will can do, along with the benefit of privacy because it does not have to be probated. This kind of trust does not protect the owner from liability or from creditors, but there are many situations when it could be very helpful to your family.

Durable Power of Attorney: For anyone 18 years of age and older. You authorize who can sign your name or make decisions to assist you regarding money, property and business type matters. If you have a stroke or suffer severe long-term injuries in a car wreck, this could be much more important than a Will. By signing a DPOA, you do not surrender your own rights to control your affairs.

Health Care Power of Attorney: For anyone 18 years of age and older. You designate who can give instructions to and get information from doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers regarding your health situation.

A Living Will is another very important document. For many people, it is one of the most meaningful gifts you can give to your family... as it takes away the guilt they otherwise would feel if they had to make the decision to not start (or to terminate if it was started) artificial life support if you are brain dead.

Don't let a pre-programmed computer prepare your will and other vital papers that determine whether your family will have to pay tens of thousands of dollars to handle legal disputes.

Lady Bird Deeds

That's really a nickname for enhanced life estate deeds, but this is a hugely important and popular strategy to protect real estate... much like insurance. It's on everyone's mind. How can I save my property if I have to go to a nursing home?

Have you asked that question? Many people face this every day, as a Medicaid Lien for nursing home care can often force your family property to be sold. There are some options available, but most of them come with a 5-year waiting period. There is only one safe way to protect your property: a lady bird deed. Contact us today to learn more about the specifics. We'd be glad to work with you on your deed today.