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Choose Little and Lattimore for help with real estate law in Marion, NC. We offer a range of services to meet your needs.


We prepare deeds to transfer ownership of land and property. Details are extremely important, and there is background information that we need to know to do this correctly and to prevent you or someone else in the future from encountering serious problems.

View our REALTOR® uptake form and our gift deed statement. We need to have all of this information to make sure your deed gets prepared correctly.

If you are buying a tract of land and not getting a bank loan, decide whether to have a title examination performed. We always recommend having a title examination and obtaining a policy of title insurance. The cost is less than you might think in order to have peace of mind and protection in the event a covered problem arises in the future.

Mortgages (Private and Through Banks)

From purchasing a tract of land or a home to refinancing a personal residence or vacation home, we provide mortgage assistance in these transactions to ensure the entire process is completed in a timely, accurate, and legal manner.

There are a variety of requirements that must be completed before a lending institution will loan money. Our office helps to take the burden of meeting these requirements off you as the client to make the closing process as painless as possible.

We also prepare documents if the seller is financing your purchase or if you are borrowing the purchase money from a private individual. In these situations, there are "private mortgages." It is important to note that a variety of documents need to be prepared to ensure a private mortgage is properly secured. We can assist in making sure that private mortgages are properly secured and completed.

Joint Ownership Problems

If you and several others inherited a tract of property, but now there are problems, you are not stuck forever. Depending on several factors (such as the size and location of the property, whether there is a house or other structure on it, and the number of joint owners), you can petition a court to either:

Divide the property into pieces so that each joint owner can own a piece in his or her own separate name. The value of each new piece must correspond to the total value in the same percentage that each joint owner had in the whole original tract.


Sell the whole tract and divide the net proceeds among the joint owners according to their percentage of ownership if the land cannot be divided into pieces in a fair manner.

The law strongly favors actually dividing (called "partitioning") the land when it is possible to do so fairly to all joint owners.